Forward Janesville - TheReport - First Quarter 2018

FORWARD JANESVILLE 14 S. Jackson Street, Suite 200, Janesville, WI 53548 Phone: 608.757.3160 • Fax: 608.757.3170 Email: • FIRST QUARTER 2018 • 3 4 • Celebrating 100 Years 7 • #FJI works FJI•New Members 8 • 100 Years • 100 Reasons 12 • Housing Shortage Inspires Summit 14 • How Did I Get Here? 17 • Ambassador Profile FJI Welcomes New Staff Member 18 • Member Focus 20 • Seeing the Future 22 • Calendar of Events • INSIDE THIS ISSUE • • CONTRIBUTORS • What are you most looking forward to in 2018? “More travel with good friends, including the opportunity to visit South America for the first time.” Laura Barten • FJI Report Editor "I look forward to waking every day healthy enough to do everything I enjoy.” Ruth Armstrong • Office Administrator “More time with family (including a grandchild and new puppy that are both on the way). Also enjoying time with friends and squeezing in a bit more golf and paddleboarding.” Mary Terry • FJI Report Designer “Noticeable progress on many fronts including the interstate highway improvements, local industries expanding, and some surprising news about Downtown Janesville improvements.” John Beckord • President "Not surprisingly, I'm most looking forward to the high-stakes November elections! The drama is already building, and I anticipate a wild ride!" Dan Cunningham • Vice President Government Relations & Education “More time at the lake with my family to rejuvenate and just enjoy the moments that are passing by too quickly! I am also excited about being a part of the energy that is transforming the downtown landscape, and also experiencing and motivating those passionate in our wonderful community!” JoLynn Burden • Vice President of Development “In 2018, I have a few select goals both personal and professional. I plan to show up in every single moment like I was meant to be there, starve my distractions so I stay the course, feed my focus towards success, and believe that I will get there! I look forward to seeing where I end up!” Jenny Tschudy • Administrative Assistant “As the newest FJI staff member, I’m looking forward to learning more about our members, meeting prospective members, and planning amazing FJI member events!” Carol Engebretson • Events & Membership Coordinator