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Josh Mummery

Sales Supervisor,

MercyCare Health Plans



What is your job/title outside of FJI?

I am the Sales Supervisor for

MercyCare Health Plans. I lead a super dedicated team in selling small/large group

plans, individual plans, and Medicare Supplement plans, as well as managing our

existing customer base.

When did you start as a Goodwill Ambassador?

I started wearing the

red in December 2015.

What Ambassador leadership positions have you held?

I try to

attend as many Chamber functions that my schedule permits. Things such as ribbon

cuttings, BA5’s, lunches, dinners and other networking events.

What is your favorite Forward Janesville event and why?


Business After Five events. It gives me an opportunity to learn more about a member

business and to network with the many wonderful people in this community!

Why is being a Goodwill Ambassador important to you?

Now that I have a beautiful wife and adorable nine-month-old daughter, giving back

and helping to grow the community I live in is really important to me.

Why did you get involved?

I got involved to meet and network with business

leaders in the Janesville community, promote MercyCare Health Plans and

Mercyhealth and help grow our local business community.

What or who inspired you to get involved?

MercyCare Health Plans

and Mercyhealth have always been a very strong partner in economic development in

the communities it serves. They only had great things to say about Forward

Janesville and how important it is to be a part of the community you work and live in.

What have you have learned from a fellow Ambassador or

business member that impacted you, personally or


I have learned to take advantage of every networking opportunity

that you can. You never know who you will do business with in the future. Building

relationships and trust can go a long way.

What was your most interesting or hilarious Ambassador


I don’t have any hilarious stories yet, but hopefully, I will have some

in the future!

What is your favorite Forward Janesville event and why?

My favorite event is the Rock Regional Business Expo every October. You get to

network with over 75 different businesses and it is an incredibly fun environment.

What advice would you give to a new Ambassador joining the


Get involved as much as you can. Everyone I have met has been


Why is red your new, favorite color? :)

I am a redhead and my daughter

is a redhead, so red is a great color!

Do you have a favorite quote or saying?

My favorite quote of all time

was said by Jim “Jimmy V” Valvano, a former American college basketball player,

coach and broadcaster. He said, “Don’t give up, don’t ever give up!” during his

inspirational 1993 ESPY Awards speech on cancer research.

Interested in getting involved? Call 608.757.3160 for more information.



Everything we do must be well reasoned, not

a matter of habit or convention.



Here we look at organization development

not as a time for training and classes but as a

detailed plan of execution of how we are

going to get from Point A to Point B by

building sustainable capabilities.


Good communication is above all else

authentic and purposeful.

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